UX designer | Illustrator


UX designer and illustrator with over 10 years experience. Designed dozens of titles on various platforms out on the market.

Skilled in a wide spectrum of design fields: from graphic and interface design to classical animation, character design and illustration. An avid gamer since childhood, in my spare time I work on several comic books and play the drums.


UI & UX of a crowd-sourcing / CRM system

Jammer was a unique platform that allows artists to take full ownership of the relationship with their fans. Post content, sell it, gate it for subscribers, or simply use it as a traditional website — the artist still has full control of his customers’ info and actions with an easy-to-use and in-depth dashboard.

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Branding and UI for a content management platform

Branding and UI design with some UX consulting done for a client with a unique content / data management software.

ISRAELI CLIENT Concepts for a custom Android-based OS

UX and UI concepts for a custom OS done for a high-end mobile phone developer

UX and UI for a sublet booking platform

Between Friedns helps home-owners find tenants to sublet their apartments among their Facebook friends and acquaintances.

FROM HERE UX & UI for a location based photo app

From Here find photos you, your friends, and people around the world took at a specific location at any given time.

KIZILAND UI and game art for an HTML5 game

A fun game for Kizi.com. Main character is based on Funtomic’s Mascot.

KIZI’S SUSHI TRAIN UI and game art for an HTML5 game

A fun game for Kizi.com. The Chef's character is based on Funtomic’s Mascot.

LIKEABLE UI for an iPhone Collage app

Visual design for a collage app by Mobile-Pond, makers of Photogene.

PHOTOGENE UI for and iPhone / iPad photo-editing app

Photogene has been a hit on the appstore since its first release in 2008. It has been the benchmark for other photo-editing applications and was chosen by Apple a Hall Of Fame app; was featured on their TV commercials and was a Featured App on the store’s front page many times. Photogene² is the latest release for the iPhone.


Illustrations for various projects